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Click below for Polyday 2022

Polyday 2022Click below for Polyday 2022

Join us at Polyday 2022 on 15 October!
Click here for more details.

Polyday is Europe’s largest one day polyamory conference. Watch this space for more details.

Thank you for attending Polyday 2019.

Please help us make the next Polyday even better by completing this short survey:

Come and meet hundreds of people that identify as non-monogamous at the largest event in Europe on polyamory, Relationship Anarchy and other forms of non-monogamy.


Come, meet and hear other poly, RA and non-mono people

  • Full price on the door – £20
  • Early Bird price – £17.00
  • Concessions – £12.50
  • Angel – £29.50

(Plus Eventbrite fees)

Concessions are available for people receiving benefits, full-time students, OAPs, low waged and children 6-17 years.

5 and unders come free.

New to polyamory or just curious? Experienced in all forms of non-monogamy? Something in between? Polyday has something for you!

In previous years talks have covered:

  • Designing relationships
  • Sexual health
  • Polyamory and mental health
  • Polyamory and children
  • Disability
  • BAME and non-monogamy


  • Opportunities to socialise
  • Meet up after the event
  • Quiet space if you need a break

Advance, Concession and Angel Tickets are on sale now and until Friday 12 October at 6pm.

Can’t afford a ticket?

We want to make Polyday as accessible as we can, while still covering the costs to be able to run it.

If you can’t afford a Concession ticket and/or need support for travelling, you could be able to access funding from the Angel Fund, donated by other people.


Help make Polyday 2019 better than ever

Polyday is created entirely through the effort and skills of volunteers (we even pay for our tickets!)

If you would want to contribute your time and skills, please get in touch! It’s never too early or too late: people on the day are super useful, but a lot of work goes into planning Polyday as well.

Besides volunteering there is more you can do:

  • Tell your polycule and the other people in your life
  • Please mention us in communities or mailing lists you’re a member of where you think it’s appropriate too.
  • Tweet about us #polydayuk
  • Invite people to our Facebook event.
  • Distribute fliers: Get in touch and we can send you some of our A6 colour flyers. You can also download a pdf here.

Polyday is created entirely through the effort and skills of volunteers (including the organisers – we also pay for our own tickets!). We still need volunteers on the day to help greet shy attendees, guide people to the next sessions, and generally help keep the place tidy and welcoming. If you find it hard to chat to strangers and you feel shy approaching conversations, here’s an opportunity to help others like you by being a Polyday ambassador! You can help yourself to as much tea and coffee as you like, and you’ll still be able to sit in on the sessions so you won’t miss a thing. You can also take a break whenever you need (as long as we still have at least one person on shift to help people).