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What time does the day start

Doors open at 9:30. Greetings and housekeeping will take place at 10:15 and the first sessions start at 10:30.

Can I get food at the venue? Are there refreshments?

There are shops/pubs/cafes in the area, so we won’t have catering on offer this time.

There will be teas and coffee and a few snacks available to purchase for a small contribution. You may bring your own picnic if you want.

There is also a microwave available if you need to get something reheated at lunchtime.

Can I bring children?

Yes. Children under 12 pay £10 (available at the door only). Children under 5 can come in for free.

Please note that there will be no childcare service. Children must be accompanied at all times by an adult. Sessions suitable only for those over 18 will be flagged.

What is the nearest station?

Battersea Park is the nearest suburban rail station.

Clapham Junction is about 12 minutes away by public transport.

What tickets are available on the door?

Day tickets (£20) are available on the door. Please note that we cannot offer concessions on the day.

Is the venue accessible?

Please check our accessibility section.

Pricing & Financing

Where does the price of my ticket go?

Spaces in London are really expensive. Literally 99% of your ticket goes to paying for the venue, with the remaining 1% covering miscellaneous event costs (blu tac, stickers, paper…).

The venues consistently cost around £2k, and we haven’t been able to find any venues that are significantly cheaper than that for our requirements.

Do the organisers get paid for their work?

No, we don’t get paid – in fact, we even pay for our own (full price) tickets!

We also don’t get our expenses paid (and some of us don’t live in London) so between travelling to the monthly committee meetings and things we buy for Polyday, it actually costs us more as individuals to attend than anyone else!

Media & Business

Can I sponsor Polyday?

Please get in touch to discuss sponsoring possibilities.

I am writing an article/making a documentary on polyamory. Can I attend?

People working in the media are welcome to attend Polyday by purchasing a ticket and requesting a “Press Badge”. Please do so through our contact form.

Can I bring/pass out flyers for my business/event?

You can bring flyers, which we will place on a table for that purpose.